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Colorado - Online Enrollment FAQs

Online Enrollment FAQ

No. Payment with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) is only available through our website. For security and our own E&O reasons we do not accept credit card payments over the phone, fax or mail. No other forms of payments are accepted through our website. If you choose not to process payment through our secure site, you will need to mail your invoice or enrollment form with a check or money order.

Yes. The entire enrollment process is done using a secure server. We use SSL to provide the encryption programming that helps to protect your information.

Please use the complete mailing address where you want information sent. Be sure to include suite, box or PO Box numbers. It does not make any difference if it is a personal or business address.

The inception (start) date of all our policies is January 1st. You need to choose a date that maintains your continuous coverage. If your current coverage expires on January 1st this is the date you should request your new coverage to begin so you can maintain continuous coverage. Failure to maintain continuous coverage will result in the loss of your previously established Retroactive Date (Prior Acts Coverage). This can result in the loss of coverage for all prior real estate activities as defined in the policy.

If your current coverage expires on a date other than January 1st, or you are a new licensee or a licensee reactivating a license, please choose the month you want your coverage to start. We use the first of the month to start your coverage regardless of when you enroll during the month. Please keep in mind if you are a new licensee or if you are reactivating your license, coverage will not apply to transactions that occurred before you applied for coverage and your license becomes active.

All coverage under our program expires after midnight on December 31st of each year regardless of when the coverage was purchased.

You can enroll without a license number. The enrollment process has a box where you can indicate that you do not have a permanent license number.

We do not require your full social security number. We do request that we be provided with the last four (4) digits of your SS# to avoid any certification problems with the Real Estate Commissions. Your coverage is not affected if you do not provide your social security number, however, it may delay the verification of coverage to any real estate commission that requires it.

Most error messages are from typing in characters that are not allowed i.e. putting punctuation marks in the name or address fields. The error message should indicate what the error is allowing you to correct the error. If the error message is not clear or you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In Colorado coverage is required on the firm/entity license if you have additional licensees under your entity license besides yourself. You have the option of purchasing the coverage if you do not have additional licensee attached to your firm. ** A firm/entity is a corporation, partnership or LLC.

Our system will not allow you to increase your limit midterm. You will need to contact our office at 800-222-4035 with instructions on how to increase your limit once coverage went into effect.

This option is not available through this program. The insurance program is designed for real estate agents, and you must hold an active real estate license to purchase the optional Appraiser endorsement under our program.

Try re-entering your credit card information, verifying that all the numbers and dates are correct and resubmit. If that does not work, you may want to try later in the day. In some cases the declination is the result of the data not being transmitted properly between the credit card processor and the bank. Also there have been instances of banks putting a fraud hold on cards. If it will still not go through, and you have verified that funds are available or there is no fraud hold, please contact us. We will see if we can resolve the problem.

When you finish your enrollment a printable receipt will appear. Also, upon completion of the enrollment process, a receipt will be emailed to the email address you provided. If you did not receive your receipt, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. It is also possible that your email Spam filter may have intercepted it. Please contact us if you cannot locate your receipt.

Your certificate will be sent in a .PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF Reader. If you have trouble downloading the certificate, you may need to upgrade your Adobe or .PDF Reader. For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to get a copy.

A certificate will be available for printing at the end of the enrollment process. A certificate will also be emailed to you.In some cases your certificate may be delayed because the information you entered does not match what we have in our system or we do not currently have your information. The most common error is license numbers not matching up. We check the information entered online against what we have in our system and if it does not match up, your online information is not immediately processed. We will manually review the information and make any corrections necessary before the certificates are sent. Depending on the time of the year, this could delay your certificate by several days due to the volume of enrollments.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 800-222-4035 and let us know what correction needs to be made. Please include your name and license number. Once corrected, we will send you a new certificate.

Errors involving contact information can be corrected by logging into your account online. If it involves other issues or you prefer not to make the change yourself, please send us an email at or fax at 502-326-5909 and let us know what correction needs to be made. Please include your name and license number. Once corrected, we will email you a new certificate.

We will certify your insurance to the CREC as long as your payment is received by January 31st of each year. You can provide the real estate commission with a copy of your online receipt or a copy of your Certificate of Coverage as proof of insurance to the real estate commission.  If you need verification to a mandated-state other than your home state of CO please be sure to indicate the additional state(s) and license numbers when asked during the online enrollment process. For certification under the conformity provisions of your Colorado policy we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to provide to the Commission.

We notify the Colorado Real Estate Commission as long as payment is received by January 31st of each year. You can also provide the commission with a copy of your online receipt or Certificate of Coverage as proof of insurance. If you need verification to a mandated-state other than your home state of Colorado please contact us.

No, once coverage goes into effect, cancellation or refunds are generally not permitted. All requests for cancellations or refunds must be in writing prior to your effective date of coverage. In the event that a license is never issued, cancellation may be allowed subject to verification.

Certain changes such as correcting contact information can be done by logging into your account and processing online.

When contacting us, please you have your license number and the order number (this is listed on your receipt) available.